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Sunday, 03 November 2013 15:53


Our project ended on 31 October.

This Blog is launched to keep discussions ongoing about exploratory ICT in mining.

We are proposing 11 Call topics to be published under the FET Programme of Horizon2020:

Thematic Area I - Evolution Underground
Call 1 Bio-inspired underground technologies.
Call 2 Microbiology-Energy-ICT Convergence for machine autonomy.
Call 3 Underground machine evolution.
Thematic Area II - Resilient Artificial Ecosystems
Call 1 Beyond pervasive adaptation.
Call 2 Machine-repairable machines.
Call 3 Heavy-duty swarm robotics underground.
Thematic Area III - Broadband through the Rock
Call 1 Breakthrough data transmission technologies.
Call 2 Self-organised in-mine communication.
Call 3 SwarmCom.
Thematic Area IV (2 Cross-cutting Calls)
Call 1 Smart Systems Integration.
Call 2 Coordinating communities - Resilient Robotics for Future Mining.

The underlying research challenges are so profound and revolutionary that calling on such topics would contribute to the development of research areas beyond mining, eventually
strengthening European research excellence in exploratory ICT. There are several technological areas that could not have been developed into Call Topics within the short
timeframe of the EXTRACT-IT project (12 months). The objective of EXTRACT-IT was to start up a dialogue and “be the first step on the way towards future European scientific and
industrial leadership in areas that today simply do not exist yet.” The multi-disciplinary networking around mining and emerging ICT must therefore continue.

Are there any topics that should to be addressed in a follow-up investigation?

Post your comments and ideas here.

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 10:40

Delphi survey quick statistics

The Delphi survey is now completed. Quick statistics:

Experts contributing to the Delphi survey were predominantly male (82%) coming from the Academics (51%) with a strong background in geological engineering (56% of the respondents marked 7 or higher on the expertise indicator). Other significant sectoral representation was Government/Public body (18%) and Industry (11%).

Altogether 74 experts participated in Round 1 of the Delphi and 63 in Round 2 representing 29 countries. Countries with a strong mining industry and/or historical mining activities were the strongest contributors in numbers.

Since the original Delphi was directed towards the earth science community an additional survey was also arranged addressing the FET ICT community. This survey provided additional records by 47 experts. Altogether 121 experts were mobilised with the help of the two surveys.

Read the Full Report.

Monday, 09 September 2013 13:29

FET-ICT survey has been launched

A short survey has been launched, designed to survey the FET ICT community about future industrial applications of present day exploratory research. The Year is 2050. The place is several kilometres beneath our feet, in the ultra-deep mines of the future, where critical minerals for our society are being mined by intelligent machines. Join us in our effort to identify present day FET ICT research topics for Horizon 2020 that could evolve into revolutionary industrial applications by 2050.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a personal access code to the survey that only takes 5 minutes to complete. By providing your perspective on exploratory research needs of the present, you can directly influence the Call Topics of the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission. The survey ends on 16 September 2013.


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