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The Final Foresight Workshop for the EXTRACT-IT project will be held on 10-11 October, in Puntagorda, Spain. The presence of visionary ICT experts is kindly requested. The Agenda of the Workshop will be posted here soon.

The first Extract-IT foresight workshop was held in Leoben (Austria, 5 & 6 February 2013). The main outcome of the Leoben workshop was a list of statements which were used to develop the content for the first round of the Delphi survey, which is currently running.

The Second Extract-IT Foresight Workshop was held in Brussels (12 & 13 June 2013). This one was more ICT orientated and therefore the participation of ICT experts with radically new ideas was facilitated from across a broad range of scientific disciplines, such as geoinformatics, robotics, space research, etc in addition to experts from the extractive sector and from the ICT FET community. A report on the workshop will be published shortly

Venue: VLEVA-Office, Kortenberglaan 71 , 1000 Brussels, http://www.vleva.be/

Extract-IT project is funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme.


Saturday, 02 February 2013 12:27

Leoben workshop - three contrasting scenarios

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The first EXTRACT-IT foresight workshop is organised in Leoben, Austria, between 6-7 February. Underground mining and ICT is discussed according to three different "future worlds". Why the need for different future scenarios? Because internal and external economical, political, social, etc developments can have a profound impact on technology development (and vice-versa). A piece of technology that is crucial in one future may be unimportant (or even non-existent) in another future. You can find 1-page summaries of the three scenarios. Let us know what you think!

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