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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 17:48

Need of a coherent European Minerals Policy

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Need of a coherent European Minerals Policy - posted by MinPol on December 31 2012. The minerals economy provides an essential contribution to employment and value added and thus is crucial for the European Union industry. Minerals are the most important link in the value chain of industrial goods production, which plays a prominent role as a source of prosperity in Europe. A secure supply with mineral resources for the European industry/economy is absolutely necessary. However, a structural change has taken place on the global mineral markets.

The old rule of thumb – 20 percent of the world population in Europe, USA and Japan consuming more than 80 percent of the total minerals production – is not valid any more. With the integration of India, the People’s Republic of China and other populous emerging countries like Brazil and Russia into the world economy, today more than half of the world’s population claims an increasing share in raw materials.

Thus the global demand for (particular metallic)) minerals stand at the bottom of a new growth curve. It is assumed that by 2030 the worldwide need for raw materials will have doubled. Safeguarding the supply with raw materials on the basis of a minerals policy will be a permanent challenge for the European Union and all European countries. Appropriate measures for securing the supply with raw materials have to be taken. A successful coherent minerals policy will have to take over essential tasks to solve these problems. In particular, enhancement of existing instruments like resource efficiency and new technologies can guarantee domestic security of supply and provide a sustainable strategic European minerals policy.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012 17:22

Europe self-sustained in metallic minerals?

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A trans-European assessment programme financed by the European Science Foundation on Geodynamics and Ore Deposit Evolution (GEODE) confirmed the existence of vast mineral deposits in Europe. Other studies also concluded that Europe is rich in minerals, in fact some individual mineral deposits are so huge as to deserve „world-class status”. An ongoing FP7 investigation PROMINE (http://promine.gtk.fi/) is developing the first pan-European GIS-based database containing the known and predicted metalliferous resources, and is calculating the volumes of potentially strategic metals and minerals that are currently not extracted in Europe. Several other studies have also established from a geological perspective that there are a great number of mineral commodities available in Europe and theoretically high levels of self-sustainability could be reached on most metallic minerals needed by the high-tech industry.