EXTRACT-IT defines and develops a series of research topics that will provide foundational ICT* knowledge for Europe’s extractive sector to meet future technological challenges. These research topics will go beyond today's applied research efforts in this domain, and will venture into the unchartered waters of basic, exploratory sciences.

Focus is on identifying potentially disruptive trends in ICT that could support future underground mining at extreme depths where the conditions (humidity, dust, heat, etc) and the confined spaces represent some rather complex challenges. At the same time the project intends to support the European ICT research community by bringing forward novel, exciting research topics at the level of basic sciences.

The project objective will be reached with the help of a foresight exercise that includes surveys and a series of complementary workshops. As a part of the foresight we intend to identify basic research areas in the present that could support future industry requirements and corresponding research avenues starting from the level of basic/exploratory sciences that could mature into technological solutions via applied research and demonstration by 2050 or beyond.

Overall objective: define, develop and describe 6-8 prospective FET Proactive Call Topics under Horizon2020 that will support exploratory ICT research in Europe in the present, and provide potential applications for ultra-deep mining in the future.

Specific goals:

  • Mobilise multi-disciplinary expertise for radically new ideas in support of the future needs of the extractive sector;
  • Foster the creation of a multi-disciplinary scientific community in the focus of mineral extraction and future IT solutions;
  • Revitalise and encourage research efforts within the extractive industry at the level of basic, exploratory sciences;
  • Strengthen the links between the EU’s mineral policies/strategies/research with policies/strategies/research on information technologies.

The long-term strategic objective is to secure strategic minerals for the European high-tech sector by creating a link between the ICT sector and the extractive industry. The project will focus on topics that require high-risk exploratory research today and another 30-40 years to become available for operational use.

 *Information and Communication Technologies