NEW! EXTRACT-IT Deliverable 3.1 Recommendations for FET has been published. This report contains the Call Topics proposed for the FET Programme, together with recommendations for supporting exploratory research in mining/ICT.

" is recommended that the cooperation between Europe’s mining and ICT scientific community continues under the umbrella of a FET Flagship in H2020, mobilising substantial funds for promoting longer-term visions in the cross section of minerals (extraction, recycling and substitution) and FET ICT. Such symbiotic action could directly support Europe’s mineral independence and the most fundamental needs of Europe’s ICT sector: secure access to critical minerals for its own development."

The EXTRACT-IT Final Information Leaflet is available for download!

Further reading. Documents related to innovation and research in mining.

European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources - Strategic Research Agenda (2013)

Smart Mine of the Future - conceptual study by RTC

Strategic research and innovation agenda for the swedish mining and metal producing industry

DEEP MINING 2030 Dr. Tapan Majumder

Finland’s Minerals Strategy

ERA-MIN Research Roadmap

New: The Extract-IT Poster at AIMS 2013 High Performance Mining, Aachen, Germany

D2.1_Report on the Delphi survey

Download the presentations of the 2nd Extract-IT Workshop, 12-13 June 2013, Brussels:

Introduction to the Extract‐IT project (Ben Laenen, VITO)

Outcomes of 1th Extract‐IT Workshop, Leoben, 5‐6 Feb. 2013 (Günter Tiess, MinPol)

Delphi survey of mining sector: results of the first round (Balazs Bodo, Centro Futuro)

FET in Horizon2020 (Ales Fiala, European Commission)

Intelligent Deep Mining – Past, Presence, Future (Horst Hejny, Horst Hejny Consulting)

Future Deep Metal Mining ‐ Fifteen predictions and seven innovation areas (Jan Johansson, Luleå Univ. of Technology)

Man is a robot with defects: To mine perfectly, remove the people (Declan Vogt, CSIR Centre for Mining and Innovation, South Africa)

Developing a robot ecology for future mining (Tony Prescott, University of Sheffield)

Three Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms to Robotics (Claudio Rossi, University Politecnica de Madrid)

Breakthrough Communication Technologies for the Deep Mining of the Future: Wireless and Beyond (Fabio Versolatto, University of Udine)

Energy supply challenges in deep mines (Grietus Mulder, VITO)

Integrated Mine Planning for autonomous ultra deep mining (Alejandro Eherenfeld, Univ. de Chile)

Another Earth: A distributed knowledge about the Earth, current challenges and perspectives (Rafaello De Amicis, Graphitech)

Robotic co‐workers and exoskeletons: opportunities for the extractive sector (Bram Vanderborght, Vrije Univ.Brussel)

Space Technology Transfer to Future Mining (Yang Gao, Univ.of Surrey)

Workshop Agenda 12-13 June 2013, Brussels, Belgium

Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) Projects Compendium 2007-2012

FET explained - science beyond fiction

Recommended reading:

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